All about massage

Who should get one?

Anyone and everyone. Massage is a great experience. It helps ease discomforts whether that be mental or physical. The time is focused on the clients healing. A quiet and peaceful setting allows for the mind to relax-the body will follow. 

What is massage? 

A body treatment for pain and stress. A therapist uses their hands, forearms, elbows or tools to manipulate soft tissue.

Why get a massage?

If you experience chronic pain and want some relief, have an injury or acute pain then massage is a great. Skilled therapists, who understand the body, will help release tension in the muscles and soft tissue. After long work hours, driving, and all the daily stressors, massage helps calm the mind and provides a moment of quiet.

Massage Etiquette. 

The client's comfort is always the top priority. Therapists ask health questions to asses treatment plan, then they will leave the room for privacy. Massage is more effective on bare skin. Client will be draped accordingly and appropriately.